We're hitting the road with our friends from Variant Brewing, Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Little Cottage Brewery, and Monday Night Brewing, to bring our beer throughout Georgia celebrating 10 years of beers, good times, and great memories. We'll be taking our four 10th-anniversary collaboration beers statewide to different bars and restaurants and want you to join us along for the ride. This is your all-access pass to where you'll find these beers and catch us at each stop along the way. Coming soon to a city near you.

Tour Dates

Hop City Krog | 4/19 | Atlanta
Hop City West End | 4/20 | Atlanta
Ale Yeah! | 4/21 | Decatur
Barleygarden Avalon | 4/24 | Alpharetta
Barleygarden Fayetteville | 4/25 | Fayetteville
Arsenal | 4/27 | Augusta
Stout Brothers Woodstock | 4/28 | Woodstock
Stout Brothers Roswell | 4/28 | Roswell
Stout Brothers Smyrna | 4/28 | Smyrna
Growler Spot | 4/30 | Macon
My Parents' Basement | 5/4 | Avondale Estates
Pinkies Up | 5/5 | Roswell
Tap and Pour | 5/12 | Warner Robins
Proper Hop | 5/12 | Roswell
Brick Store Pub | 5/18 | Decatur
White Whale | 5/18 | Savannah
Catch 22 | 5/18 | Athens
Truck & Tap Duluth | 5/19 | Duluth
Truck & Tap Woodstock | 5/19 | Woodstock
Truck & Tap Alpharetta | 5/19 | Alpharetta
Gremlin Growlers | 5/21 | Fayetteville
Butcher & Brew Alpharetta | 5/24 | Alpharetta
Butcher & Brew Halcyon | 5/24 | Alpharetta
Lincoln Fill Station | 5/26 | Snellville
River Street Tavern | 5/27 | Ellijay
Two Birds Taphouse | 6/1 | Marietta
Exhibit Ales | 6/3 | Grayson
Crystal Beer Parlor | 6/8 | Savannah
Maltitude | 6/8 | Columbus
Downtown Drafts | 6/8 | Gainesville
Tap on Ponce | 6/14 | Atlanta

Touring Beers

Lost In Yesterday

Style: Extra Pale Pilsner
ABV: 5.6%

Collaboration with Wrecking Bar Brewpub in Atlanta, GA. Brewed as one of four 10th Anniversary Reunion On Tour releases. We crafted this Pilsner to be strong, yet dry and crisp, hiding the alcohol sweetness. Assertively hopped with Diamant and Contessa hops, this beer is light and balanced with hints of citrus and floral notes.

Weight of Love

Style: Fruited Sour
ABV: 7.2%

Collaboration with Variant Brewing in Roswell, GA. Brewed as one of four 10th Anniversary Reunion On Tour releases. This Double Sour was crafted in a kitchen, reminiscent of a fresh baked lemon square. Infused with Sicilian Lemon and Raspberry purees and lemon peel with a pinch of cassia bark, this super fruited sour is dessert in a glass.

Was Ich Leibe Doppelbock

Style: Doppelbock
ABV: 8.5%

Collaboration with Little Cottage in Avondale Estates, GA. Brewed as one of four 10th Anniversary Reunion On Tour releases. Little Cottage is a small brewery doing large things and this beer had to live up. This Doppelbock is brewed with 100% Weyermann Malts with a base of Premium Pils and Munich and loaded with rich specialties of Caraaroma, Special W, Abbey, and a pinch of Chocolate Rye. Then aged with toasted chopped hazelnuts!

Time to Pretend

ABV: 9.3%

Collaboration with Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta, GA. Brewed as one of four 10th Anniversary Reunion On Tour releases. This collab has been in the works for a long time, too long. Using a blend of both house proprietary hopping techniques, this brew leaves nothing behind. Phantasm, Citra Incognito, and Mosaic Incognito used in the boil. Dry hopping received a rigorous schedule of Nectaron, Citra Lupo, and Motueka. Ripe flavors of peaches n cream and fresh squeezed orange juice.

A Word From Our Collaborators

How does it feel to be one of the Friends on the road with CSB’s Decade Tour?

"Having gotten my brewing roots at Cherry Street, we always love opportunities to work together with our friends and collaborate on new ideas. Being a part of their celebration of being in the beer community for 10 years is a great honor!" - Matt Curling, Owner + Brewmaster, Variant Brewing

"Super cool! Well, actually it makes sense. Nick and I met as homebrewers back in 2010 just before Cherry Street opened its doors. Some of my closest friends have or currently still work at Cherry Street, and the number keeps on growing!" - Tim Schiavone, Head Brewer, Wrecking Bar Brewpub

"It’s an honor to be involved with the team at Cherry Street Brewing once again. Nick and the team have always been welcoming to me and my brewing adventures starting back when I was just another homebrewer.” - Jon Shari, Owner + Head Brewer, Little Cottage Brewery

"I've known Nick Tanner much longer than I've been in beer, or even been eligible to consume alcohol. We go wayyy back, to school years, and my older brother knew him too. So when I did eventually get into beer, he was one of the first people I felt comfortable around in the industry. He made me feel welcomed and like the beer world was familiar. Nick is one of the most intelligent brewers in the state of Georgia, as evident by his success, medals and everything else. He is always pushing boundaries in beer and cares about the things I care about. Sometimes I work with people in beer and realize we have different points of interest. But with Nick I always know we are on the same wavelength.To be a part of this feels more validating than many things I've done in beer. So to be included is a great feeling and an honor." - Peter Kiley, Owner + Brewmaster, Monday Night Brewing

How did you choose the style you brewed with Cherry Street?

"We chose to do something that we felt blends both of our brands and highlights some familiarity between the two of our breweries. One of our earliest beer festivals where we got to highlight some of our first beers as Variant Brewing, was at one of the Cherry Street beer festivals and we brought our Raspberry Lemon Gose and people loved it." - Matt Curling, Owner + Brewmaster, Variant Brewing

"They knew I probably did not want to do a hazy IPA. We were originally talking about base grains we like to use for Pilsners. I brought up Weyerman Extra Pale Premium Pilsner which we use often at Wrecking Bar Brewpub. The idea for an Extra Pale Pilsner was born." - Tim Schiavone, Head Brewer, Wrecking Bar Brewpub

“With help from the team at CSB, we thought a doppelbock would be a fun, tasty style to bring to the people with the addition of toasted hazelnuts as a twist. The name was chosen as a riff off of a song (Was ich liebe) by the German metal band, Rammstein. Since we apparently like metal music and making beer we thought it was a great fit." - Jon Shari, Owner + Head Brewer, Little Cottage Brewery

"When Nick approached me to discuss IPA brewing techniques, I drew on knowledge gleaned from my years of studying them, which of course culminated in the Hop Hut's opening. When building recipes for Hop Hut I would always listen to specific playlists, using songs to inspire hop bills and other aspects of new IPAs. I knew I could easily use this process when collaborating with Nick, an obvious music enthusiast. If you don't know, Time to Pretend is that MGMT song you definitely know. My rule with collaborations is, who can I spend my day with enjoyably? Who do I care to work with? I use collaborations for relationships, not for marketing. I never walk out of Cherry Street feeling like I didn't learn something. I always wanna be the dumbest guy in the room, ready to learn. The collective mind at CSB is a wonderful thing to be around in that capacity. And so that day, I got to Pretend like I worked at Cherry Street!" - Peter Kiley, Owner + Brewmaster, Monday Night Brewing

What would you like people to know about the beer they’re drinking?

"It is a crusher, without compromising flavor or character it blasts a mean ABV and drinks easy." - Matt Curling, Owner + Brewmaster, Variant Brewing

"We used two very unique hops in this beer. German Diamant hops bring fresh citrus, berry, and floral notes while US grown Contessa brings hints of green tea and light pear to the finished beer." - Tim Schiavone, Head Brewer, Wrecking Bar Brewpub

"This beer was inspired and created for the love and respect of the imperial German lager known as doppelbock. The beer has an incredible malty backbone with the addition of toasted hazelnuts to only add more complexity to the rich layers in this lager brewed by the wonderful team at CSB." - Jon Shari, Owner + Head Brewer, Little Cottage Brewery

"That it's made by people who genuinely care, and about much more than just beer. We care about our communities, our partnerships, our employees, the future of our industry.... The number one ingredient in this beer is intention, and the second is care. It is not an amateur beer. It is a demonstration of 20+ years of brewing accumen. " - Peter Kiley, Owner + Brewmaster, Monday Night Brewing

What does/would ten years in the Georgia craft beer scene mean to you?

"While we are only at 5 years, we are ecstatic to be a part of our friends 10 year celebration, and love the whole Georgia Beer community/family that has come along with it." - Matt Curling, Owner + Brewmaster, Variant Brewing

"I would definitely hope by now I would have made some friends :)" -Tim Schiavone, Head Brewer, Wrecking Bar Brewpub

“It would mean a huge accomplishment so far with many more years to look forward to. As a newer owner of a brewery, I am grateful to all the breweries that have gone before me and paved a way to help make things more approachable for the rest of us following on the heels." - Jon Shari, Owner + Head Brewer, Little Cottage Brewery

"Well, there's days where it feels like 100 years, and there's days where it feels like 10 months. At this point it feels like an opportunity and like a responsibility. On one hand, we do need to remind the country that here, in the state of Georgia, we're making world class, top of the game stuff. On the other hand, the decade has been a total gift. I feel so lucky and grateful that I get to do this for a living. To be a part of my community in a meaningful way is a big deal to me. In short, it's been my absolute motherf***ing pleasure." - Peter Kiley, Owner + Brewmaster, Monday Night Brewing

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