A final farewell

With heavy hearts, we will be closing our Chattanooga location on January 14th. This decision does not come easy for us. We poured our hearts and souls, along with many others, into making it a welcoming neighborhood brewpub for families and all to relax and enjoy some good bites and brews in the community. We love Chattanooga. We’ve called Chattanooga home for the last two years. We want to say thank you to our staff, patrons, and so many of you in the community with whom we’ve grown so close. So many of you have supported and welcomed us to the community from day one. Making this decision impacts so many people, not just us but the community organizations we support. Primarily this affects our incredible staff, who have fought beside us over the years. We have already spoken to our team individually, but we want to say it here. We cannot thank you, our staff, and friends enough. The impact we are causing on you personally hurts the most. We are sorry, and we feel that we have let you down the most. We have fought hard for you, and it just was not enough. 

In this dark time, we want to find a little bit of light. We will be throwing down our closing party this weekend. We hope you will join us as we celebrate the good times, further support our staff, and kick as many kegs as possible. 

The closing of our Northshore location will impact many in Tennessee and Georgia. At this time, we will be putting the majority of our distributed products on hold. This does not mean the end; it just means not right now. Our goal is to bring back distribution eventually. The reality for us and most craft breweries is that canned beer distribution is not sustainable because of the cost of materials and ingredients. We hope to begin distributing again in the future, but at this time, we want to get back to our roots and reflect on what we do best. 

So what does the future look like? Our Georgia locations are not going anywhere, and it’s business as usual. We have been humbled and it causes a lot of self-reflection. Who are we? What brings us and our staff together? What brings us joy, and why in the hell did we start all of this 12 years ago in the first place? The simple answer is we are going to lick our wounds, take care of our staff and community leaders, simplify our lives, and get back to what we all love and know about Cherry Street Brewing. We are taking this time to reflect and support our Chattanooga staff, but when the dust settles, you can expect us to bring our A GAME. We already have a lot of exciting and fun events planned for this coming year and look forward to continuing to serve y’all.

To our staff, we appreciate each and every single one of you. We will do everything in our power to support you through this difficult time. To our community leaders, you are in a special place in our hearts, and we wish you all the best. If there is anything we can do, we are here for you. To our Patrons, we could not have made it this far without you. To the other restaurants and bottle shops who supported us by buying our beer, thank you for believing in us and sharing our products with the community.

From the bottom of our hearts, again, thank you to everyone who has been there to support us.

This is not goodbye but see you later.

If you'd like to show support for our staff, find out more information here.