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Stop in to our Vickery Village location for an opportunity you won't want to miss! Starting May 24, we're offering you the chance to mix and match barrel aged bottles until they're gone. Stop in and stock up on your past favorites, and grab a few new to try too. See what bottles we have available below.

1 for $15 | 3 for $40 | 6 for $75 | 12 for $140

Keep in mind this is in-store only in the Taproom, we will not be offering this deal for pre-sale, delivery, or Biermi orders. All bottles are while supplies last.

Unknown Impact no. 1

What else do you do when you are facing a pandemic? Brew a big ass beer using the rest of your malts, aggressively hop the heck out of it, and then give it an extended boil. What you are left with is Unknown Impact Barleywine #1. Aged exactly 22 months.

Social Studies

We are honored to work with the Georgia Bourbon & Social Club aging our OASIS Stout in a hand-selected Russell’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel. The roast and dark chocolate character from the Stout take on a whole new level blending with the bold notes of oak and char from this specially aged RR barrel.

The cuvee abides

Cuvée Abides is an Imperial Belgian Style Tripel blended from 2 different tequila barrels that previously aged bourbon and red wine. Aged for a lengthy 15 months, expect bright notes of tequila, oak, and dark fruit.

Ole Pig Van Whistle

Thank you to our friends at Inglorious Caskers Barrel Club for allowing this marriage of our Imperial Strong Scotch Ale in a lengthy 17.5yr old WP Rye Barrel. A very special barrel, nonetheless, perfectly fit for such a beer.

Appalachian Destiny Trail

A November 2021, 150-bottle Collaboration with Premium Package Store, Dawsonville, GA. Aged 11 months in Weller Full Proof bourbon barrels then, further aged on coconut.

Friend of the Farmer

Friend of the Farmer is an Imperial Porter with pumpkins, lactose, and a homemade pumpkin pie spice blend, then aged for an extended time in a rye whiskey barrel, adding notes of honey, oak, and spice.

Benevolently Neglected

Once again, we have teamed up with our friends at Jax Beverage Superstore in Buford, GA. This Imperial Milk Stout aged for 24 months in a Select Blanton's Barrel then further aged on Cocoa Nibs from Ghana. Expect notes of sweet vanilla, cocoa, and slight spice. Sometimes, longer is better. Contains Lactose.

Brandy o.a.s.i.s.

Originally brewed for our Head Brewer’s, Chris, 40th Birthday, this beer has taken on a life of it’s own. OASIS is an Imperial Stout of the highest regard infused with sarsaparilla whiskey soaked cocoa nibs & vanilla beans. This particular batch was aged in Small Batch AppleJack Brandy Barrels.

Survival Stout: Russian Imperial Stout

Aged in Henry McKenna Bottle in Bond Single.

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