Why we expanded to northshore

an easy decision

Opening a 3rd Cherry Street location has been a dream in the making; a 9 year journey of camping, food, love, and craft beer. We spoke with Alisa Tanner-Wall (Owner) and Chase Wall (Creative Director) about the move to Northshore and what it meant to them.

9 years ago, while dating, Chase and Alisa traveled to Chattanooga on the weekends and frequently camped outside of town. They frequented the Flying Squirrel and would catch shows at the Hanger. “Back then, you really only had Big River Brewing Works to enjoy some craft beers", Chase said while thinking back on their experiences. “I remember every time we got into the city, we would talk about bringing Cherry Street here and one day starting a family here. Chattanooga lives and breathes who we are as a brewery.” Chase and Alisa thought of Chattanooga as a home away from home. 

Even so much so that the couple got married in Chattanooga. “We've grown to love the city so much, we even exchanged our vows here," says Alisa. After spending so much time firsthand in the city, they learned and realized what a wonderful community it truly is. Chattanooga and Tennessee offer more favorable beer laws compared to Georgia as well, Chase points out. "It was really a no-brainer when the opportunity found us to expand in Chattanooga," says Alisa. When Nick Tanner (Alisa's brother and business partner) was approached about the opportunity to take over the Heaven and Ale spot in Northshore, Chase and Alisa were already in love with the idea right away. Alisa and Nick knew this would be the perfect place to expand their hospitality and beer production.

The local vibes and community focus of Chattanooga resonate with who our brand is. “9 years ago we started with just a small 3 barrel system at our first location in Cumming, Georgia that Nick designed and built himself. Our goal was always to brew a wide variety of beers, be passionate about our community, and make the highest quality beer we could possibly brew”, Chase added. Moving production to Chattanooga has been a huge move for the brewery but they have not lost their goals or why they brew beer in the first place. Their new space on the Northshore side of Chattanooga allows their family business to crank out more beer than ever before, “this space has allowed us to more than triple our beer production. We are now able to brew enough beer to keep up with our fans and followers throughout Georgia and now surrounding cities of Chattanooga” says Alisa. 

The company is now serving the Chattanooga community with some killer brews, eats, and southern hospitality. “We have some really cool stuff planned for this location, and it’s something we are excited to share with the community”, Alisa commented. When asked to elaborate, she just smiled and said, “They will just have to wait and see.”

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