Fruited Sour Ale
Cherry Limeade!

A Berliner Weisse is a tart German Wheat Ale that is kettle soured and then fermented with tart & sweet cherries & key lime juice. We kettle sour with lactobacillus, a probiotic similar to what is in yogurt, which causes a pH drop to around 3.4. This provides a tart, effervescent character similar to a sweet tart.

Berliner Weisse

ABV: 4%

IBU: 10

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The sensational new adventure!

This berliner weisse is jam-packed full of lip-smacking good cherry sweetness and lime tartness. Crack open a can and WHAM! Your taste buds will feel the kapow of fresh, sweet & tart juices. A truly tart refresher that will POW! your thirst and ZAP! the adversary of enjoyment: boring beer. 

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The Hero We Needed

Get a sense of nostalgia with the flavors in our Cherry Limeade! sour. From the soda fountains at pharmacies of yesteryear, into the beer can you’re holding, the flavors of limeade and cherries have a long history in popular culture. In our more recent history, Cherry Limeade! is the longest-running sour beer Nick Tanner has done, as it’s been around since the beginning of CSB and was our first kettle sour beer. It’s great because of its consistency since the beginning, and we’ve used the same recipe and derived our fruits from the same places for years. The quality of the ingredients we choose makes the beer what it is. We only use the best fruit purées we can buy, and the quality of the simple ingredients allows the fruit to stand out. The hero in this beer is the Oregon fruit purées, featuring a mixture of different types of cherries- sweet and tart, giving it balance, and key limes for more well-rounded flavor. A blend of lactobacillus, a probiotic similar to what is in yogurt, is used instead of one single strain, giving it better tartness. When all mixed together, this beer's flavors make a completely balanced flavor profile. So when you're drinking a Cherry Limeade! and get that distinctive ZING! of flavor, you'll know it's been carefully crafted over time with only the best ingredients.

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